The Harmonic Journey of Remedy Tree: Floridas Modern Bluegrass Sensation

Saturday, April 13, 2024

Remedy Tree is a dynamic bluegrass band from the sunny state of Florida. It began as the creative brainchild of Gabriel Acevedo in 2015. Starting as an indie-folk band, they gradually transitioned into a bluegrass ensemble, fulfilling Gabriel's dream. Today, the band includes Gabriel Acevedo (vocals, guitar, and fiddle), his wife Abigail Acevedo (guitar, bass), Aaron Morse (mandolin), and Benny McDowell (banjo).

Gabriel started writing songs at a young age and, along with his brother, formed several bluegrass bands between 2008 and 2014. In 2015, he and Abigail established Remedy Tree, setting the foundation for a new era in their musical journey. The band's lineup, with each member bringing their distinct musical flair, contributes to the unique and energetic sound that defines Remedy Tree.

Musical Style and Influences

Remedy Tree blends the essence of old-time traditional bluegrass and Americana with contemporary tunes, creating a refreshing and engaging musical experience. Their songs are lyric-driven, with each composition echoing their passion for storytelling through music.

Influenced by renowned artists such as Old Crow Medicine Show, Mandolin Orange, and The Avett Brothers, Remedy Tree's music is a harmonious mix of roots Americana, bluegrass, and old-time tunes. This blend allows them to appeal to a broad audience, bridging the gap between traditional bluegrass fans and those new to the genre. Their vision is to entertain and remedy the listeners' sorrows through their music.

Community Engagement and Impact

Remedy Tree's engagement with the community goes beyond their performances. They are actively involved in music festivals, events, and workshops, bringing their music to a diverse audience. Their participation in the Bluegrass Ramble artists at the World of Bluegrass conference in Raleigh, NC, highlights their commitment to the bluegrass community.

The band's latest music video, "Don't Look Back," showcases their storytelling ability and musical versatility. Written by Gabriel and Josh Griffin and arranged by Bryce Griffin and Gabriel, the song is a testament to their evolving sound and creativity. It was recorded at Fish Tank Recordings in St. Augustine, Florida, with Lucio Rubino engineering and mastering done at Tonal Park Studios by Randy Leroy.

Remedy Tree is a band that brings fresh air to the bluegrass and Americana music scene. Their unique blend of traditional and modern sounds and heartfelt storytelling make their music resonate with a wide range of listeners. To follow their musical journey and stay updated with their latest releases and performances, connect with them on their website: Remedy Tree.

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